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The Vatican Museums and St. Peters Basilica
The Vatican Museums are not only home to one of the worldís greatest collections of art, but also to the world-famous Sistine Chapel. Priceless artifacts from ancient Egypt, Etruscan Italy and cultures around the world are preserved in the Vaticanís palaces, galleries, halls, and rooms. Follow a local expert guide on a three hour, in-depth visit through this vast collection. Highlights include the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of Tapestries, and of course, a visit to the Sistine Chapel. The chapelís famous ceiling frescoes took Michelangelo four years to complete. His brilliant Last Judgment, which rests on the altar wall, was a topic of controversy for centuries. Other walls feature paintings by Pietro Perugino, Sandro Botticelli, Cosimo Rosselli, and Domenico Ghirlandaio. Your final stop will be at St. Peterís Basilica, one of the most important churches in Christendom, and until recently, the largest in the world. Price includes admission and the use of headphones inside the museum. It is highly recommended to book this optional tour in advance of your tour departure. Duration: Approximately 4 hours. Please note a minimum of 15 passengers is required. Transportation is included.
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